Aug 14, 2013

Three Girls and a New Coop, Phase 1

It's official: I'm building a new coop!
The current chicken coop has served it's purpose well, but when it comes down to it I have big birds and there isn't enough space for them to spread their wings, dust bathe, and have personal space from one another.
With that in mind, I put together a little temporary lean-to where they can spend time while I build the new coop. Comprised of scrap plywood, compost bins and a blue tarp, the girls LOVE IT in their shanty.
The floor of the shanty is made of compost for next year's gardens. Get in there and work you magic girls!!


I love to listen to them scratching around and singing their happy forage songs. Perhaps best of all, they love to eat up my garden nemesis chickweed! Well done, ladies, keep up the good work.

Stay tuned for more adventures in chicken coop building!
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  1. Now I just want you to know chickweed makes a marvelous anti-itch healing balm!!!:-)

  2. Thanks for the tip, Kassandra! I've heard it's good to add to salad as well, although I haven't tried it. Yet. :)